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Branches rededicated!

David Kastrup


I've now pushed to the translation branches an update/merge to current
_master_ (namely what is to be released as 2.21.0).  This version passes
the basic tests though I haven't merged/pushed it to master yet again.

If you want to do any outstanding work for what may become 2.20.1 at
some point of time (an update to stable), please use the branch
translation-staging for that instead.  It has been kept at a state
useful for merging into stable/2.20 .

If you want to do work suitable for _both_, be sure to commit it as a
separate commit, preferably to translation, so that it may get
cherry-picked from there (after it has passed muster) into the stable

So in summary:

translation: work for 2.21
translation-staging: work for 2.20

That means in particular that any updates to the changes files for
2.18–2.20 should go into translation-staging, and for 2.20–2.22 should
go into translation.

And you probably want to clean out the translations of the Changes files
in translation, making them reflect only stuff that is in the main
Changes file (because it has been added after the stable/2.20 branch has
been created).

All the best, and thanks for all the work that went into 2.20 so far!

David Kastrup