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John Mandereau
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De: John Mandereau <[hidden email]>
À: Harmath Dénes <[hidden email]>
Sujet: Re: Another patch & questions
Date: Fri, 01 Jan 2010 23:57:09 +0100

Le mercredi 30 décembre 2009 à 00:17 +0100, Harmath Dénes a écrit :
> A very malicious question pops into my mind: what about installing a
> wiki once with a LilyPond extension (there are at least for MediaWiki
> and DokuWiki) which takes care of the rest? :)

I think I have a more interesting project: an all-purposes Texinfo
parser, written in a full-featured and oriented-object language.  I
chose Python as I know this language quite well, but there are certainly
other valid choices; Perl is not a valid choice, because AFAIK there is
no standard implementation of objects.

Then, thanks to this parser plus a simple HTML formatter, Texinfo could
be used as a Wiki language; then, adding an extension like MediaWiki,
every documentation contributor and translator would be able to edit
documentation from a wiki, with quick (partial) rebuild of the doc
output but without the burden of mastering usage of Git.

> > As the CG is being revised by Mark Polesky, I'll send this suggestion to
> > -devel list instead of pushing a commit on the CG.
> OK, then I as well will contact him about such things in the future.

If you prefer, but please CC to -devel.

> Ah, you got the point: macros.itexi was not up-to-date and defined the
> rgeneral macro instead of rweb. Updated it in this patch, as well as
> having translated the rest of the website.

Thanks, I applied, tested and pushed.  Note that hu/web.texi was missing
the translator name, so I just added your name.

> Some macros don't work in the Hungarian translation (@versionStable,
> @versionDevel, @downloadStableLinuxNormal etc.,
> @manualDevelLearningSplit etc.)

Francisco had already reported this, I fixed it a few days ago in master

> Another issue is a CSS-related one: the translated menu items show up
> in dark green instead of light green, but only if they differ from the
> English original. This is a bit confusing.

Yeah, I think setting the number of items of each color and the order of
colors is muchg better, as it avoids hardcoding language-dependent node
names in Texi2HTML init file.  I proposed Graham to prepare the patch,
I'll try to find a moment within one week to implement it.


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