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Francisco Vila
2011/7/21 Harmath Dénes <[hidden email]>:
> Thank you! The PDFs are already present on Kainhofer's build (e.g.
> On 2011.07.20., at 6:40, Carl Sorensen wrote:
>> On 7/19/11 4:35 PM, "Harmath Dénes" <[hidden email]> wrote:
>>> Now the paths seem correct (e.g.
>>>, yet there are no
>>> PDF files on, though the changesets are in the master branch.
>>> Does the website reflect the release/unstable branch? (...)

PDF files are not a part of the website.  Yes, the web/ directory is
inside the Documentation/ directory, but it is handled a special way.
It is renewed hourly, whereas the documentation (other than the
website) and the binaries for multiple patforms are built by the Gub
system on release time only.

>> I've cherry-picked those commits.  They should appear when the new stable
>> version is released (which should be any day now).
Francisco Vila. Badajoz (Spain) ,