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Francisco Vila
Hello. My random tour around manuals webpage links says it is the turn
of Usage manual in PDF.

Links to PDF Usage manual from web/usage.xx.html

en/de/es/fr PDF Usage manuals are available.

language - macro used - link text - leads to
[en] - @manualStableUsagePdf    - usage.pdf -    usage.pdf
cs   - @manualStableUsagePdf-cs - usage.pdf -    usage.pdf
de   - @manualStableUsagePdf-de - usage.pdf -    usage.pdf *
es   - @manualStableUsagePdf-es - -
fr   - @manualStableUsagePdf-fr - - usage.pdf **
hu   - @manualStableUsagePdf-hu - usage.pdf -    usage.pdf
it   - @manualStableUsagePdf    - usage.pdf -    usage.pdf
ja   - @manualStableUsagePdf    - usage.pdf -    usage.pdf
nl   - @manualStableUsagePdf    - usage.pdf -    usage.pdf
zh   - @manualStableUsagePdf    - usage.pdf -    usage.pdf

* should be
** should be

It looks erratic at first sight.  As you can see, -cs and -hu variants
do not make any difference by themselves, they lead to English manual.
-de and -fr _also_ lead to English manual, but these PDFs are
available in translated form.

I hope these references will help us in the future to have a clean set
of links to manuals.
Francisco Vila. Badajoz (Spain) ,