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[PATCH] Doc-ja: priority 1 and web/manuals.itexi

Yoshiki Sawada
Hello all,

I send a patch for Documentation Japanese.
I did not any change "scm/tablature.scm", but my patch has a modifications of it.
(It might be changed between from I got the source code from git and to I did "git pull" to create a patch.)

==== Thanks ====
I can translate i18n in "Documentation/lilypond-texi2html.init".
It solves a bug of texi2html for Japanese.
Thank you very much!!

==== Question ====
Can I add translated titles to "sub generate_ly_toc_entries" in "Documentation/lilypond-texi2html.init"?
Like this:

== from: Original ==
  my @color_1 = (
        "Learning", "Glossary", "Essay",
        "Contact", "Tiny examples", "Bug reports"
== to: Change ==
  my @color_1 = (
        "Learning", "Glossary", "Essay",
        "Contact", "Tiny examples", "Bug reports",
        "学習", "音楽用語集", "エッセー",
        "コンタクト", "例", "バグ レポート"

Sawada, Yoshiki (Japanese)

0001-Doc-ja-priority-1-and-web-manuals.itexi.patch.gz (92K) Download Attachment