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Francisco Vila
2011/6/12 Graham Percival <[hidden email]>:

> I've just uploaded lilypond 2.14.1.  The stable/2.14 git branch
> has diverged sufficiently from master that I'm not even going to
> pretend to care about stable/2.14 any more.  I'm bored with the
> number 14, and I have enough other things to pay attention to.
> I'll still make 2.14 releases -- just tell me to build a release,
> and I'll do that based on the current stable/2.14 branch in git.
> At the moment, Carl is the person to backport stuff, but the
> amount of energy he puts into that is entirely up to him.  Or he
> could ask somebody else to do stuff.  Up to him.

I'd like to recall Carl that a translation by Federico was pending, see

He specifically wanted to see this in 2.14 and I promised him to, but
I can not promise anything not in my hand.
Francisco Vila. Badajoz (Spain) ,