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John Mandereau
Le samedi 26 décembre 2009 à 16:13 -0700, Andrew Hawryluk a écrit :
> On Sat, Dec 26, 2009 at 10:22 AM, Graham Percival
> <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Probably not stable enough to translate, but getting close. (I'm
> assuming that the translators would not want any changes to the
> English version once they start, correct me if I'm wrong.)

This is not completely correct: a script can print changes (i.e. a diff)
made to English docs since last translation for each individual file.
However, that's not a reason to start the translation prematurely, as
this would mean more work for translators obviously, and also more work
for you, as e.g. every image moving or renaming should be done in all
languages to ensure succesful doc build.

> The first two-thirds of the text are nearly stable from my point of
> view. I have just a few tiny edits to make and it will be ready to ask
> for complaints from the user list one last time.
> The last third is basically untouched and covers issues of LilyPond
> architecture and input format. I have to do some thinking about which
> of this content is out of date or better presented in the newer
> sections of the Learning Guide or the website. So this may change
> substantially.

> That said, I have only been reading the PDF output as I worked, so the
> HTML version is still a formatting disaster. (I have tried to include
> the highest resolution images I could for the PDF version, so the web
> version needs another complete set of images at screen width. Maybe
> 865 px wide like the LilyPond snippets?) So I expect that lots of the
> image files will still change and I can't say if other formatting
> tweaks will show up in the .itely file.

Indeed, I only looked at the HTML output :-p

> > We believe that the "new" essay material has superceeded the old
> > essay.  We're not certain, though, and I'm not certain how much of
> > the old stuff I've removed.  I deliberately didn't delete the
> > files, but I forget whether essay.tely still includes them.
> True. All the files are still there but none of the old material is
> included in the output anymore. On the engraving topics, I feel that
> all of the best material has been retained, with the possible
> exception of the 2.1 benchmarking example, where I can't find a PDF
> version of the output. On the program architecture topics I can't
> really say yet.

> Yes. The parts that have been stolen from the earlier versions are
> mixed in so finely that they would be pretty hard to identify. If I
> were using my poor foreign language skills to translate, I would read
> through the old Spanish essay to get warmed up, but I would start with
> an empty file.

Sure, the old translations would mainly help as a reminder of the
translations of certain words and phrases.  By the way, in the meantime,
we might link to the old translated essay in the translations of the new
website, if this is not too technically difficult.

> Thanks for checking on this. Heckling encouraged! I hope to make some
> more progress next week.

We're not in a hurry, the three first files of the website should be
translated first (web.texi, introduction and manuals), and this was just
started in French.

Thanks for all this detailed status information,

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