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John Mandereau
Le mardi 07 août 2012 à 01:49 +0000, [hidden email] a écrit :
> 22:24:01 (UTC) Begin LilyPond compile, previous commit at aee96a7ae52324a75ea735d172d2ef028802c860
> 22:24:14 Merged translation, now at: 952705bbbb000581a13836e6a733df04511e93c5
> 22:24:17 Success: ./ --noconfigure
> 22:25:03 Success: ../configure --disable-optimising
> 22:25:23 Success: nice make clean
> 22:47:52 Success: nice make -j2 CPU_COUNT=2 ANTI_ALIAS_FACTOR=1
> 23:05:35 Success: nice make test -j2 CPU_COUNT=2 ANTI_ALIAS_FACTOR=1
> 01:49:28 Success: nice make doc -j2 CPU_COUNT=2 ANTI_ALIAS_FACTOR=1
> 01:49:28 Installing documentation

This was the first build of translation branch by Patchy the autobot,
docs are available at

In the presence of new commits, this build shall be repeated every 8
hours.  For translation branch, Patchy does not push anything to Git.

Translators, notifications are sent to [hidden email]; to get
them, you can subscribe or read the archives at your option, knowing
that most messages on lilypond-auto are from our issue tracker.