Re-send: update Japanese LM and AU

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Re-send: update Japanese LM and AU

Yoshiki Sawada
I sent the following message to "[hidden email]".

Hello John,

I have updated Japanese LM and AU.
I have made a patch for it and uploaded the patch to:

The details of the update are:
1. Update Japanese LM.
2. Update Japanese AU.
3. Update "Documentation/ja/".
4. Update "Documentation/ja/macros.
5. Add "Documentation/ja/i18n/ja" (to fix characters in navigation tables).
6. Change "@insertcopying{}" to "@insertcopying" in "Documentaion/ja/learning.tely".
(It caused warning messages.)

I could build LilyPond Documentation with my updates.
Please check it and add it to the official source codes if it is good.

Sawada, Yoshiki