snippets: new workflow for translated texidoc strings

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snippets: new workflow for translated texidoc strings

Federico Bruni-2
Hi translators,

I'm following up the request from Phil¹ to let you know about the new
way translation of snippets is handled.

IIUC, there's no more need to run to get the translated
strings into the snippets, as they are copied when the documentation is
This makes the maintenance of translation way much easier, as the
snippets will be marked as out-of-date only when there's a substantial

I recommend to check the differences in the snippets, update the
committishes in .texidoc files and live happy with the new system :)

I know that most of you know how to do it, but as I've done it recently
I share my workflow with you.

First check the differences:

cd Documentation
make ISOLANG=LANG check-translation | less -R

You'll see that all the translated texidoc strings in the snippets have
been removed. Be sure to not miss any relevant change in the snippets,
specifically in "doctitle=" and "texidoc=".

Then update the committishes with the latest committish:

cd Documentation/LANG/texidocs
cat *.texidoc | grep %%
sed -i -r 's/[0-9a-z]{40}/NEW-COMMITTISH/' *.texidoc
cat *.texidoc | grep %%

Finally, enjoy the clean diff :-)

make ISOLANG=LANG check-translation | grep 'diff --git'

Hope I haven't said anything misleading.